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Hands of Time LIVE IN CONCERT on Radio Orvieto Web – Wednesday 4th April 2012

21 marzo 2012


Do bands still play live on air? Of course they do!  and where? …on RadiOrvieto Web! This time we’re proud to announce (drum roll please) The HOT Hands Of Time 😀

In honour of their latest single The Mistral Blows and its video, screen play written by Amanda Knox, the up and coming Hands of Time (HOT) band will be performing live in concert on Radio Orvieto Web…and it’s going to be epic!

On air 19.00 – 20.00 with exclusive interviews in English and Italian, the band will be telling Tiziana Rastelli and Emma Louise Cheeseman their latest news and of course all about the new video, filmed in the ex army barracks “Caserma Piave” in Orvieto. “The sense of sickness and awkwardness of visiting this place is felt everywhere, the awful conditions and the veil of darkness that embraces it leads us to this sad and melancholic feeling that Amanda’s screenplay portrays so well, the Piave barracks provide the perfect atmosphere for her play. The sensations are of course linked to the American girl’s dramatic experience in jail, and her deeply touching dramaturgy is colored by the powerful and bitter freshness of a hit-song”

HOT Hands of time is an alternative Italian Rock band that made its debut on the international music scene in 2009 with the release of its first LP with German STF Records. Following its huge success in Europe and Australia, the group’s style started to evolve under the influence of producer Roy Thomas Baker (& Guns and Roses, Ozzy, Bowie, Alice Cooper, Smashing Pumkins and many other others) who showed a great interest in the band’s music.

Moving from a classic, genuine Hard Rock that marked the beginning of their career, towards an alternative Rock meets dance, electro pop, industrial and Rock n’ Roll itself. The band writes in English

Meet Leo Ariel (vocals, guitar), Nicholas Arianni (vocals, guitar), Didi Russo (bass,vocals) and Dizzy Desmo (drums, vocals) on Wednesday 4th April 19.00 – 20.00 and ask them your questions in the chat room – only on 

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