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Orvieto meets Innsbruck at Villa Mercede

11 maggio 2011

Tiziana Rastelli and Emma Louise Cheeseman in the studio. Special live guests from Austria: Petra Leeb, Franziska Pirkl, Pino Seiringer, Martin Schmidt and Simon Seeber of BG Sillgasse School Innsbruck together with the President of Lingua Sì Piero Salituri.

There’s nothing more exciting than a friendly football match with the locals to mark the end of a 6 day study trip in Orvieto for 49 Austrian students of BG Sillgasse Innsbruck. 9pm kick off at Villa Mercede football ground last night led to a fast paced and above all entertaining game between mixed Italian-Austrian teams, all aged between 16-18. Final score? 9:3…but the laughs, new friendships and a few beers afterwards were far more important! The competition, organized by Lingua Sì in collaboration with RadiOrvietoWeb, will continue in June between another Austrian school group and the people of Orvieto. Are you 16-18 and like playing football? Send us your names and come and join in!

The Giro d’Italia  Tour of Italy, the long distance cycling race starts this Saturday 7th May in Reggio di Venaria Reale, Turin and ends on Sunday 29th May in Milan. It is of course one of the three Grand Tours in Europe (the others being the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España) and is part of the UCI World Ranking calendar. Piombino -Orvieto is the 5th stage, the cyclists will be racing through Piazza Cahen on 11th May and departing from the Duomo on the 12th May for the 6th stage Orvieto-Fiuggi. Plenty of eno- gastronomical events to celebrate the occasion around the city, in particular at the Palazzo del Gusto, Bottega dell’Olio Bartolomei, Palazzo dei Sette, Bar Duomo and the Ristorante Al Saltapicchio.

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