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What’s on in the city? 20th April 2011

22 aprile 2011

Tiziana Rastelli and Emma Louise Cheeseman in the studio. Special guests this week are the Russian performer Nikolay Shchetnev, choreographer Rossella Fiumi, and artisan weavers Luigia Piastrella and Carolina Formica.

The Residenza Dinamica is back again, after the Winter break, with a series of cultural appointments from April 21st to 23rd 2011. Dance artist, choreographer and  teacher, Nikolay Shchetnev, from Arkhangel’sk , Russia visited us  at Radio Orvieto Web on Wednesday, before his contact improvisation workshop at the Palazzo Caravajal,  Via Malabranca 15 Orvieto.  The workshop  on Thursday at 16.30 begins with a warm up, and is followed by  a jam session and aperitivo.  The first part focuses on individual work, the presence of the moment, both physically and mentally.  Exercises are done lying down and standing up while concentrating on  feeling the body, listening to ourselves. In the second part of the workshop he moves onto working as a couple: the awareness of giving and receiving, how the body reacts in distributing the necessary forces and support.  Points of contact are explored, in order to seek a common centre of gravity and improve dance techniques with a partner. The highlights of the lesson are interacting and improvising.  Nikolay  was joined by the choreographer and dancer, Rossella Fiumi, to tell us about  video dance,  which is part of the Creative Contemporary performing art classes, and will be held on Thursday at 15.00.  Aspiring actors, dancers and anyone who wishes to explore  expressive body movement can all come along and take part.   For more information about the workshops  and Nikolay Shchetnev’s Russian Astronaut performance  on Saturday 23rd April 21.30 visit the website:

Luigia Piastrella and Carolina Formica also came along to talk to us live on air about Le Vie della Tessitura: La Canapa  an Umbrian artisan weaving  tradition promoted by a group of  artists with a passion for this  ancient yet modern art form.  Visit their market in the Palazzo dei Sette (The Clock Tower)  from Saturday 30th April to Sunday 1st May 09.00-21.00 in Orvieto.    There will be a workshop here where you can come and learn how to weave yourself, and you’d be welcome to join the group for future workshops.  What equipment is needed? What products do they make? How is it done? Come and find out!  Children and adults are welcome.!/event.php?eid=101170689970457

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