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Responsible tourism in Umbria

6 aprile 2011

Responsible tourism is an increasing global trend, as tourism growth can lead to a strong impact on the environment, local economies, and the social and cultural heritage within which it operates.  When a destination is sold as a tourism product, and the demand for local culture rises, it is easy for the original meaning and values of the local culture to be lost.  There are however many ways in which our businesses can operate in order to have a positive impact on our environment, local communities, art and cultural heritage, our suppliers and our travellers, explains Alessandra Mallozzi, director of the travel and tourism agency Discovering Umbria, in an interview with  Tiziana Rastelli and Emma Louise Cheeseman on Radio Orvieto Web.  Alessandra will be speaking about ‘responsible tourism as a cultural and economic resource in Umbria’ at the Tavola rotunda sul turismo  cultural e responsibile, an interactive conference, on Friday 8th April in Todi 16.00-18.30 at the Museo Pinacoteca of the palazzi comunali tuderti .  The round table event aims to discuss these ideas and help us increase quality, loyalty, satisfaction and appreciation of this beautiful region of Umbria, rich in culture and tradition.

A new tourist communication initiative has recently been  launched called Umbria on the blog, where local bloggers share their stories and provide a real insight into life and culture in Umbria.

Listen to Alessandra’s dual language interview  on What’s on in the city, Wednesday 6th March 18.30 on (repeated Friday 17.45) to find out more, or stream the show in the radio archives.

Discovering Umbria website :

Discovering Umbria blog:

Or Listen here:

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