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Orvieto Wine Marathon 2011

16 febbraio 2011

 Orvieto Wine Marathon

 Hello there! This evening on What’s on in the city? we talked about many events but   in particular, the Orvieto Wine Marathon which takes place this Sunday, 20th February 2011. We interview Mauro Formiconi and Capitano Grafeo who tell us all about the programme. It’s not too late to register if you’d like to take part in the cycle race…a fantastic route along the Sentieri di Vini, a must for all mountain bike enthusiasts. (40kms or 20kms) Check out the website for more information.

08.00: Opening (registration for those who haven’t already) at Polo Scolastico Ciconia 09.00: Cyclists move onto the starting grid  09.30: Start!  12:30: Pasta Party (lunch) 13.00: award ceremony  

…and here’s the exclusive  interview with Captain Grafeo:

Emma: On Sunday, there’s the Orvieto Wine Marathon, a big cycling race through the Umbrian countryside, and we’ve got Captain Grafeo here in the studio…Captain Grafeo, you’re taking part in the Orvieto Wine Marathon cycle race, aren’t you?

Captain Grafeo: Yes, I live in Orvieto so it would be impossible  not to take part!

Emma : Do you know the route well?

Captain Grafeo : Yes, it’s wonderful, very challenging…we’ll be diving into the green heart of Umbria, among vineyards, olive groves and never ending descents. It is a difficult route, but with a charming end.  The vegetation is thick, it often seems like we’re entering something mysterious, a fairy tale, we just need to meet the 7 dwarfs,  drinking a glass of wine, while they wait for the cyclists of the second wine marathon…to come over the horizon.  

Emma:  Why do they call you Captain Grafeo?

Captain Grafeo: Ah yes! They call me Captain, not for the sport, but because I know the area well and I like to decide the routes and then….because I am one of the oldest of the group!

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